Steel Pit-Less Weighbridges




Embrace accuracy and durability with Tula Digital’s Steel Pitless Weighbridges. Every piece is crafted from high-strength Mild Steel sourced only from India’s top-tier steel mills, ensuring exceptional longevity and performance.

Distinct Features of Our Steel Weighbridge




  • High-Quality Modular Design:


    • Built with superior quality steel, our modular design ensures straightforward installation, minimal transportation costs, and enhanced portability.


    • Fewer nuts and bolts result in low maintenance needs and quick disassembly for relocation — a prime choice for dynamic sites like construction and mining.


  • Optimal Ground Clearance:


    • The platform, elevated 14-18 inches above ground, offers hassle-free maintenance, especially in areas prone to waterlogging.


  • Economical & Speedy Setup:


    • With lesser civil work compared to Pit-Type weighbridges, enjoy reduced construction expenses and faster overall setup.


  • Strength & Guidance Combined:


    • Our rib-reinforced 450mm side girders not only fortify the weighbridge but also serve as guiding rails, enhancing safety and precision for truck drivers.


  • Swift Intelligent Terminal:


    • The hallmark of Tula’s tech-savvy solutions. This standalone microcomputer facilitates weight visualization, ticket printing, and comprehensive reporting tailored to supplier, vehicle, or material.

Enhancing Your Weighing Experience




Cutting-Edge Integrations



  • I.P. Cameras:


    • Seamlessly integrate cameras for enhanced security and oversight, complete with “picture in slip” functionality and email capabilities.


  • ERP/SAP Connectivity:


    • Sync with major enterprise software platforms to streamline business processes and data sharing.


  • Weighlink Software:


    • Compatible with Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL, our Weighlink software is a potent tool for efficient data management and reporting.





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Sample weight slip with camera integration in Weighlink software: