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Embrace accuracy and durability with Tula Digital’s Steel Pitless Weighbridges. Every piece is crafted from high-strength Mild Steel sourced only from India’s top-tier steel mills, ensuring exceptional longevity and performance.

Distinct Features of Our Steel Weighbridge




  • High-Quality Modular Design:


    • Built with superior quality steel, our modular design ensures straightforward installation, minimal transportation costs, and enhanced portability.


    • Fewer nuts and bolts result in low maintenance needs and quick disassembly for relocation — a prime choice for dynamic sites like construction and mining.


  • Optimal Ground Clearance:


    • The platform, elevated 14-18 inches above ground, offers hassle-free maintenance, especially in areas prone to waterlogging.


  • Economical & Speedy Setup:


    • With lesser civil work compared to Pit-Type weighbridges, enjoy reduced construction expenses and faster overall setup.


  • Strength & Guidance Combined:


    • Our rib-reinforced 450mm side girders not only fortify the weighbridge but also serve as guiding rails, enhancing safety and precision for truck drivers.


  • Swift Intelligent Terminal:


    • The hallmark of Tula’s tech-savvy solutions. This standalone microcomputer facilitates weight visualization, ticket printing, and comprehensive reporting tailored to supplier, vehicle, or material.

Our Swift Intelli 2000 Weight Indicator

Weighing indicator for inventory management, weighbridge

Enhancing Your Weighing Experience




Cutting-Edge Integrations



  • I.P. Cameras:


    • Seamlessly integrate cameras for enhanced security and oversight, complete with “picture in slip” functionality and email capabilities.


  • ERP/SAP Connectivity:


    • Sync with major enterprise software platforms to streamline business processes and data sharing.


  • Weighlink Software:


    • Compatible with Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL, our Weighlink software is a potent tool for efficient data management and reporting.



Sample weight slip with camera integration in Weighlink software:


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