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Optimize your warehouse operations with Tula Digital’s state-of-the-art inventory management systems. Our portfolio boasts high-precision tools that streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and drive efficiency.

TPSI Series: The Cutting-Edge in Warehouse Management

Invest in modern solutions for a seamless inventory process. The TTSI Series, equipped with a touch-screen interface and integrated with weighing & labelling systems, promises unparalleled efficiency.

Integrated Inventory management system

Salient Features of TPSI

  •    7″ or 15″ Touchscreen Display


  •    Sleek Design with Optional Tower Light


  •    Accurate Counting/Stocking with integrated Weighing & Label Printing


  •    Seamless Cloud Integration


  •    Barcode Scanner for Quick Validation


  •    Smooth Dispatching & Goods Receiving


  •    Intuitive Inventory Management & Reports


  •    Advanced Storage, Traceability & Replenishment System

Why Choose the TPSI Series?




  • Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface: Navigate with ease, accessing vital inventory data swiftly and efficiently. The high-resolution display ensures clarity and ease of use, even in fast-paced environments.


  • Customization at its Best: Tailor the system to your unique requirements. Whether it’s customized label designs with company branding or specific report structures, TPSI adapts to you.


  • Streamlined Operations: With wireless data transfer and real-time analytics, oversee your inventory in the moment, making informed decisions instantaneously.


  • Durable & Compact Design: Engineered for longevity, the TPSI Series is built to withstand industrial challenges while maximizing space.


  • Seamless Connectivity: Beyond its standalone prowess, TPSI boasts flawless connectivity options, including USB keyboard & barcode scanner integration, ensuring a cohesive operational experience.


  • Eco-friendly Operations: Our commitment to sustainability reflects in TPSI’s design, ensuring reduced energy consumption and eco-friendly operation.

Applications of the TPSI Series




The TPSI Series is versatile, catering to a wide array of sectors:




  • Retail Management: Streamline product inflow and outflow, ensuring the right stock levels and accurate billing.


  • Warehouse Management: Oversee stock levels, product locations, and expiration management efficiently.


  • Logistics & Transportation: Ensure accurate load management, reducing inefficiencies and saving costs.


  • Manufacturing: From raw materials to finished products, manage every stage of production seamlessly.

Dive Deeper



Discover the myriad ways in which the TPSI Series can revolutionize your operations. For a comprehensive demonstration or to address any specific queries, feel free to reach out to our team!  Embrace the future of inventory management with Tula Digital.