Modular Weighbridge

Modular Weighbridge Manufacturer


Tula Digital’s special Modular Design Steel Pitless Weighbridge uses high strength Mild Steel only from the best, most reputed steel mills in the country. It is easy to install, easy to shift/relocate and very easy to maintain having minimum nuts & bolts to tighten.


Features of Our Modular Weighbridge:



  • Superior quality Modular Steel fabricated structure with multiple modules for easiest installation and least cost of transportation.


  • Modular design means minimum nuts and bolts to tighten and easy dismantling and relocation. Ideal for construction and mining areas.


  • Pitless platform is 14 to 18 inches above ground level which it easy to maintain in areas with water clogging problems.


  • Less civil construction required than Pit-Type weighbridges means lower cost of construction and faster complete installation.


  • Rib reinforced 450mm side girders give exceptional strength to the weighbridge while also acting as guiding rails for truck drivers.


  • “Swift” Intelligent Terminal with in-built Weight Indicator as standalone, dedicated microcomputer, view & print weight tickets, obtain daily/periodic reports and reports based on supplier, vehicle, material etc.


Additional Options:


  • I.P. Cameras Integration with “picture in slip” and email feature.


  • Integration with ERP/SAP.


  • Weighlink software Support for Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL.



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Know more about our Modular Weighbridges:



As a leading modular weighbridge manufacturer, we specialize in providing top-tier weighing solutions tailored to diverse industry needs. Our modular weighbridge systems are designed for flexibility, durability, and precision, ensuring that you get reliable performance for any application. With a focus on innovation, our modular weighbridges cater to a wide range of weight measurement requirements, making them a perfect choice for businesses looking for efficiency and accuracy.


Our product range includes the highly sought-after movable weighbridge, an ideal solution for locations requiring temporary or semi-permanent weight measurement stations. This versatility ensures that your operations remain agile, adapting quickly to changing needs without compromising on the quality and reliability our brand is known for.


Furthermore, our expertise as a modular weighbridge manufacturer allows us to offer customizable solutions. Whether you’re dealing with heavy-duty industrial loads or require precise measurement for smaller items, our modular weighbridge systems are engineered to meet your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on integrating the latest technology with robust design principles to deliver weighbridges that stand the test of time.


Choosing our products means investing in reliability, accuracy, and unparalleled customer support. We understand the importance of precision in weight measurement and strive to deliver modular weighbridge systems that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Trust us to provide you with a weighbridge solution that enhances your operational efficiency and accuracy.