The first company in India to build concrete weighbridges, it has been more than 20 years since Tula Digital installed its first ‘Swift’ brand fully RCC weighbridge.



RCC weighbridges are fast gaining popularity because of numerous advantages they have over the Steel structure weighbridges. Tula Digital’s RCC weighbridges have a special – extremely rugged design, are very economical, maintenance free, high in performance & have a much longer life than steel structure and mixed design weighbridges.






  • A Pit-Type concrete weighbridge platform is level with the ground which makes it easy for material and vehicle movement in space constricted areas. It will be perceived as a part of the road on your land.


  • Fully RCC structure means no rusting of components, tightening of nuts & bolts or need for painting. It is totally maintenance free.


  • Very high strength RCC platform is designed to accommodate regular heavy vehicular movement and concentrated loads without any trouble.


  • Robust design ensures an extremely long life of the weighbridge.


  • “Swift” Intelligent Terminal with in-built Weight Indicator as standalone, dedicated microcomputer, view & print weight tickets, obtain daily/periodic reports and reports based on supplier, vehicle, material etc.



Additional Options:


  • I.P. Cameras Integration with “picture in slip” and email feature.


  • Integration with ERP/SAP.


  • Weighlink software Support for Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL.



For comprehensive comparison and more details please feel free to contact us.