Tula Digital, as a trailblazer in weighbridge technology, was the first in India to venture into concrete weighbridges. With over two decades under our belt since the inception of our flagship ‘Swift’ brand Concrete platform weighbridge, we persistently raise the bar in the industry.



Distinctive Features



Tailored for modern industrial needs, our features provide a seamless weighing experience.



Elevated Design


Positioned 20-24 inches above ground, the pitless design alleviates water-clogging concerns.



Efficient Civil Work


Minimal civil requirements promise substantial cost reductions.




An RCC make guarantees resistance to rust and decay, saving time and money.



Structured for Strength


Engineered to withstand heavy vehicular traffic and concentrated weight.



Swift Intelligent Terminal


Incorporating a contemporary weight indicator, it allows for versatile operations from ticket printing to detailed report generation.



Sample weighment slip with camera integration in Weighlink software:

Value Added Options



Expand the horizons of your weighbridge with our array of add-ons.



Camera Integration


Leverage the “picture in slip” feature complemented with email capabilities.



ERP/SAP Integration


Ensure cohesive and streamlined operations across platforms.



Software Compatibility


Our Weighlink software effortlessly syncs with industry-standard databases like Oracle, My-SQL, and MS-SQL.





Engage with Our Expertise



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