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Tula Digital proudly stands as the pioneering force in India for constructing concrete weighbridges in India. With over two decades since we unveiled the first ‘Swift’ brand Concrete platform weighbridge, we’ve consistently proven our commitment to driving industry standards.





Key Features of Our Concrete Pit-Type Weighbridges:




  • Seamless Integration: The Pit-Type concrete weighbridge platform aligns perfectly with ground level, allowing effortless movement of materials and vehicles, especially in areas with space constraints. It seamlessly blends into the terrain, becoming an indistinguishable part of the roadway.


  • Zero Maintenance: With a complete RCC structure, concerns related to rusting, tightening of fixtures, or painting are non-existent. We guarantee a maintenance-free experience.


  • Durable Design: The high-strength RCC platform is meticulously crafted to handle regular heavy vehicular traffic and concentrated loads effortlessly.


  • Extended Lifespan: Our robust design strategy ensures that our weighbridge stands the test of time, offering extended service life.


  • Intelligent Terminal: The “Swift” Intelligent Terminal comes with an integrated Weight Indicator, functioning as a standalone microcomputer. It offers features such as viewing and printing weight tickets, and procuring daily/periodic reports. Additionally, it can generate supplier, vehicle, and material-specific reports.




Sample weighment slip with camera integration in Weighlink software:


Expand your Weighbridge Capabilities with Additional Options:




  • Camera Integration: Incorporate I.P. cameras to get a “picture in slip” feature, and make use of the email function


  • ERP/SAP Integration: Streamline your processes by integrating with ERP/SAP systems


  • Weighlink Software: Our software supports a range of databases including Oracle, My-SQL, and MS-SQL




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