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Our History and Legacy



Established in 1997, Tula Digital has distinguished itself as a front-runner in the development of advanced industrial weighing systems. Over the decades, our diverse portfolio has catered to numerous industries, underscoring the critical importance of precise weight measurements. Notably, we pioneered the introduction of the Concrete Platform Weighbridges in India, and our influence extends beyond the Indian sub-continent, making significant inroads into emerging African economies such as Nigeria, Malawi, and Ethiopia.

Commitment to Excellence



At Tula Digital, we’ve always upheld a staunch commitment to quality. Each product, be it our precision Weighing Scales or specially crafted custom solutions, undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance. This ensures that our clients receive nothing but the best, consistently.

ISO Certified

Innovations in Inventory Management



With the changing tides of the industry, we’ve evolved our offerings. The latest in our line of innovations are state-of-the-art solutions designed to streamline inventory management — from accurate weighing processes to efficient stocking methodologies, ensuring a seamless workflow for businesses.

Integrated Inventory management system

Unparalleled After-Sales Support



Our relationship with our clientele doesn’t end post-purchase. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading after-sales support, ensuring longevity and impeccable performance of our products. This not only ensures accuracy in operations but also translates to significant cost savings for our clients by reducing down time.

Unparalleled After-Sales Support

Strategic Partnerships



Our pursuit of excellence is exemplified by our strategic partnership with DIBAL, Spain, bringing their superior quality Retail Scales to India. This collaboration reinforces our promise to introduce and offer internationally recognized quality to our domestic clientele.

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