Steel Pit-Type Weighbridge

Steel Pit-Type Weighbridge Manufacturer



Elevate precision and functionality with Tula Digital’s Pit-Type Steel Weighbridges. Designed for flawless integration with the ground, our structures ensure efficient vehicular movement while offering robust performance.

Highlights of Tula Digital’s Steel Pit-Type Weighbridge





  • Ultra High Strength Mild Steel:


    • Crafted exclusively using steel from India’s premium mills, ensuring resilience and a prolonged lifespan.


  • Optimal Ground Integration:


    • The pit-type platform aligns seamlessly with ground level, facilitating easier movement for vehicles and materials, especially in tight spaces.


  • Rigorous Vehicular Handling:


    • Our superior steel structure is meticulously designed to accommodate regular heavy traffic and intense load points with absolute ease.


  • Welded Rib Design:


    • The intricate design on horizontal transoms guarantees maximum load-bearing capability, assuring reliability.


  • Swift Intelligent Terminal:


    • An embodiment of technological prowess, this standalone terminal provides real-time weight data visualization, ticket printing, and tailored reporting functions.

Our Swift Intelli 2000 Weight Indicator

Weighing indicator for inventory management, weighbridge

Elevate Your Operations with Advanced Integrations



  • I.P. Cameras:


    • Boost security and oversight by integrating cameras with a “picture in slip” feature and email notifications.


  • ERP/SAP Connectivity:


    • Streamline and centralize your operations by connecting with industry-leading enterprise platforms.


  • Weighlink Software:


    • Perfectly compatible with Oracle, My-SQL, and MS-SQL, our software enhances data management, streamlining operations and reporting.



Sample weight slip with Camera Integration in Weighlink Software:


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Interested in how our Steel Pit-Type Weighbridges can streamline your operations? Reach out to our experts for detailed insights and tailored solutions.