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The new 500 Range WIND is one entry series of scales of the Dibal 500 Range, a new family of outstanding scales for its design, technology and ease of use. Browse the technical information on these machines below, and contact us for a demo or more information regarding this weighing scale with printer in India.




W-015 : 2.000 PLUs (45×2 + 4×2 presets), 5 vendors. Optional printer for labels or receipts. Available in flat format or tower.
W-025: 5.000 PLUs (40×2 + 9×2 presets). 10 vendors. Optional printer for labels or receipts.Available in flat format or tower.


Capacity /Accuracy


Mono-range: 15 kg – 5 g, 12 kg – 2 g, 30 kg – 5 g.
Multi-range: 6 kg – 2 g # 15 kg – 5 g, 15 kg – 5 g # 30 kg – 10 g.




WIND Series scales offer a choice of 2 different displays: “superlux” segments display or graphic display.Both of them can show Weight, Tare, Price, Total and Name of the Product.Additionally, graphic display can show logos, profitability codes (in vendor display), publicity with special dynamic effects, and allow the user to choose between 4 different “screen designs”.


Salient Features:


Comprehensive information from each PLU including normal and offer price, prices per weight bands, price per kg and 100 g, name (2 lines x 20 characters), free information, profitability code etc. Comprensive sales and management reports include total sales, cash drawer report, last modifications complied to the PLU.


User Interface:


WIND Series Weighing Machines with printer have been designed thinking of the needs and skills of users and service departments:


  • “Drill-Down” menu option similar to mobile phones.
  • Complete/partial menus can be printed.
  • Special keys for direct access to main functions: price changes, including a new PLU/vendor or sales reports etc.
  • Direct access to 999 PLUs. For example – To access PLU 568, you just press keys 5-6-8 in the first preset keys row.
  • 2 programmable “Macros” (in W-025 model), i.e. some keys can be set to act as a direct access to any function of choice such as changes in batch number, access to programming parameters, and receipt re-opening etc.
  • Security: configurable system passwords.
  • Internal software (“firmware”) can be updated using PC.




High speed communication between the scale and the PC is possible via ETHERNET TCP / IP protocol. Additionally wireless connectivity is possible through Wi-Fi 802.11n technology and HOMEPLUG. Linking between 5 scales (W-015) or 10 scales (W-025) per section, Master + Submaster + Slaves system.




WIND Series scales incorporate a high resolution and fast printer (up to 80 mm per second). Receipts and labels design and information to be printed are fully configurable.




  • Up to three different formats. Up to 40 lines per receipt.
  • Logo printing.
  • Vendor name.
  • Nine Payment modes.
  • Total in rupees and two additional currencies.
  • Discounts on line and total.




  • Up to 30 different formats.
  • Label sizes range from 30×30 mm to 60×100 mm.
  • Logo printing.
  • Traceability.
  • Prepacking mode.
  • Three levels of totalling (prepacking, boxes, containers).
  • Selfservice mode.
  • Continuous printing of a programmed number of copies of a label.