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Introduction to Swift Weighbridges


As a forerunner in electronic weighing solutions, Tula Digital proudly introduces the “Swift” brand—a testament to precise engineering and our unwavering commitment to quality. From delicate measurements starting at 5 kg  to robust scales handling up to 200 tons, our Swift weighbridges cater to a diverse spectrum of needs. With innovation at our core, we’re sculpting the future of the weighbridge industry, both in India and overseas.


Our Commitment


From the outset, our driving force has been to offer reliable and cost-effective weighing solutions. With cutting-edge in-house R&D, we’re not just meeting but exceeding industry demands. Our reputation extends beyond product excellence; our after-sales service, bolstered by expert engineers, ensures swift and efficient customer support.


Our Solutions


From industry-specific requirements to dharamkanta weighbridges, our fully electronic weighbridges and conversion kits have solidified their reputation through their impeccable performance across various regions in India and the world.

Concrete Pit-Type

Concrete Pit-Less

Steel Pit-Type

Steel Pit-Less

Loadcell Selection: Analog vs. Digital



Our weighbridges, available in both platforms steel and concrete weighbridges, come equipped with a choice between analog and digital loadcells. While both variants offer commendable performance, our digital loadcells bring added benefits:






Key Features of Digital Loadcells



  • Tamper-resistant Design: Internal analog-to-digital signal conversion enhances security.


  • Self-calibrating: Minimizes weighbridge commissioning time and ensures utmost accuracy.


  • Enhanced Diagnostics: A heightened error-reporting mechanism shields the system from potential tampering.


  • Optimized Load Distribution: Reduces distribution errors, ensuring consistent weight measurements.

Weighlink Software



Harness the power of our in-house developed Weighlink software, tailored for user-centric experiences. The intuitive interface, paired with detailed report generation capabilities, makes it an indispensable tool for businesses. Need specific modifications? We adapt to cater to your bespoke requirements.


The Intelli2000 Series: Intelligent Terminal



Experience a seamless weighing experience with the Intelli2000 series. This standalone microcomputer merges simplicity with efficiency. Boasting a power-efficient design, its back-lit LCD ensures clear visibility under varied lighting conditions. The added external keyboard interface guarantees seamless data input.


Weighing indicator for inventory management, weighbridge

Get in Touch



To explore our expansive range or seek tailored solutions, contact our specialists. Let us guide you to the weighing solution that fits your unique requirements.



Additional Information on our Dharamkanta Weighbridges:



Discover the ultimate balance of durability and precision with our advanced range of weighbridges, including the critically acclaimed 60 ton weighbridge, renowned for its competitive price in India, and the larger 80 and 100 ton weighbridge models, designed for industrial heft. Each dharam kanta machine represents our unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring that your business operates with accuracy and efficiency.


The 60 ton weighbridge price in India is set with the customer in mind, striking the perfect balance between affordability and reliability. This scale is tailored for businesses that need dependable weight management without a hefty investment, reflecting our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions without sacrificing performance. The weighbridge price is transparent and inclusive, ensuring that our customers receive value that surpasses their investment, making our weighbridges a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.


Our 80 ton weighbridge stands as a testament to our engineering excellence. This dharam kanta machine, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, is robust enough to serve the most demanding industrial environments, yet precise enough to provide reliable data for critical weight assessments. The versatility and resilience of our 80 ton weighbridge make it an essential component in sectors ranging from construction to logistics, where both accuracy and durability are non-negotiable.


The weighbridge 100 ton variant pushes the boundaries of capacity, catering to industries where massive loads are the norms. Despite their scale, these weighbridges maintain the precision expected from all our dharam kanta machines, ensuring that even the heaviest weights are measured with impeccable accuracy. A second mention of the weighbridge 100 ton reinforces its role in facilitating the needs of large-scale operations, highlighting its ability to perform consistently under the strain of heavy-duty use.


Understanding the diversity of our client’s needs, we offer custom weighing solutions that go beyond the standard. Our team specializes in tailoring each dharam kanta machine to fit specific industry requirements, whether it’s integrating advanced networking capabilities or adapting to unique operational challenges. With our expertise, your custom solution will embody the reliability and innovation synonymous with our brand.


In conclusion, our weighbridges, including the 60 ton, 80 ton, and weighbridge 100 ton models, are more than just equipment—they are a symbol of trust and efficiency in the weighing industry. Partner with us for your weighing needs and join the many satisfied customers who count on our dharam kanta machines for their daily operations.