Tank Weighing Systems

Tank-Weighing Solutions by Tula Digital


At Tula Digital, we’re a trusted name in delivering maintenance-free cylindrical tank-weighing solutions tailored for various industries.

Tailored Weighing Solutions for Diverse Industries


Leveraging our experience, we’ve innovated load cell configurations and mounts to meet precise client needs. Connect with us to determine the optimal weighing system tailored to your specifications.

Customized Load Cell & Mounting Configurations


Our specialized configurations are developed keeping client requirements in mind, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every setup.

Weighing indicator for inventory management, weighbridge

Swift Digital Indicator – Precision Meets Reliability




Augmenting our cylindrical tank-weighing system, the Swift Digital Indicator stands as a testament to technological prowess and precision.

High-End Microprocessor Integration

Powered by a state-of-the-art microprocessor, the Swift Digital Indicator ensures consistent and accurate weight readings for all your industrial needs.

Advanced Optical Isolators for Disturbance-Free Measurements

With built-in optical isolators, the system is effectively shielded against environmental interferences, ensuring measurements without disturbances.

User-Friendly Calibration & Weight-Hold Feature

Simplify your operations with user-friendly front panel controls. And with its unique weight-hold feature, experience uninterrupted operations even during power disruptions.

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To explore our expansive range or seek tailored solutions, contact our specialists. Let us guide you to the weighing solution that fits your unique requirements.