Tula Digital (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Electronic Weighing scales, Weighbridges & Weigh-Based Systems manufacturing company working under the brand ‘Swift’. Right from our incorporation it has been our endeavor to develop high quality, cost effective accurate and reliable weighing scales. We have laid strong emphasis on our in-house R&D to design and manufacture products for the ever demanding customers/industries. We are committed to relentlessly pursue innovations and cut edge in technologies to become the leading weighing scales manufacturing company with the range that is most comprehensive. Our Fully Electronic Truck Weighing Scales & Conversion Kits are working trouble free in many industries and as public weighbridges in all corners of India and abroad. We have strong after sales service setup for our truck weighing machine with factory trained engineers to reach to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Choice of Loadcells



Both concrete and steel platform truck weighing machines are available with


analog loadcells as well as our newly developed digital loadcell


system. Both analog and digital loadcells are similar in terms of


overall performance, and functionality. However, there are certain


advantages of digital loadcells over analog loadcells in terms of


overall security provided, accuracy and ease of use :–




  • Incorporate an internal analog to digital conversion of signals which make it them relatively tamper proof.


  • Are self-calibrating, thus eliminating corner adjustments, reducing truck scale commissioning time and providing higher accuracy.


  • Provide better diagnostics and higher level of error reporting for the truck scale system, and thus additional security to the system from deliberate tampering.


  • Reduce the overall load distribution error across the scale.

Weighlink Software


Developed in house, Swift weighlink software is an extremely user-


friendly databased management software which can be operated on


a standard Computer. Detailed information can be obtained based


on date, vehicle, supplier, material etc. Comprehensive reports can


also be obtained of specific period giving details of the entire


transactions during the period. Special modifications can also be


done to suit specific requirements of the customers.

Intelligent Terminal


The Intelli2000 series Intelligent Terminal is a stand-alone,


dedicated microcomputer that is simple to operate and virtually


maintenance free. It has all the functions that a weigh link software


has but consumes much less power as compared to a standard


computer. The large back-lit LCD display provides excellent


visibility in both day and night. External keyboard interface helps


in convenient data entry.