Why You Should Prefer Pitless Weighbridge Over Pit-type: Top 5 Reasons

Why You Should Prefer Pitless Weighbridge Over Pit-type: Top 5 Reasons

A weighbridge is a machine that measures weight. The type of weighing system you choose will determine your business’s accuracy, installation cost, maintenance costs, and ownership cost. When looking to buy a steel weighbridge or concrete pit-type load scale for your new loading yard, be sure to consider all factors before making any final decisions.

Pit-based weighing machines are a great choice for limited space. They require less of an area to install than pitless and can be fit in the tightest corners. Pitless weighing devices can be installed on any surface, whereas pit scales require a special ramp to run vehicles over them. Pit-type weighbridges are the most common type of vehicle scale, and they work by matching the height of their platform with that of roads in an area. This makes it easy for drivers because there is no need for ramps or driveways leading up to these surfaces.

Are you considering buying a weighbridge this month? Do you know what weighing systems to adopt and what to avoid? Have you heard about pitless and pit-type weighing machines? If not, we will enlighten you today about both and help you know what you should purchase when starting a new load weighing business. Keep in mind that when you buy a steel pitless weighbridge or concrete pit-type, you need to keep various factors in your mind, such as installation cost, maintenance cost, and ownership cost.

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